so long and still busy…

Blogging has been such an addiction that it hurts to know that the last post that I made was almost 2 weeks back (except that ‘Thought of the day’ post, but I won’t count that one). But, without exaggerating this time, I neither had the time nor the energy to write. A lot of things happened – I changed my residence, have started to look for apartments to buy in Gurgaon (the property prices in Gurgaon have sky-rocketed – I could have gotten a much better deal in Seattle!!), fell sick (thanks God that my Mom was here then), witnessed a few internal and external projects at Tekriti having their interim releases.

Few of the interesting things that either happened in the last couple of weeks or is going to happen in the next couple of weeks and worth mentioning here are:

PeopleAggregator Release: The PeopleAggregator team had a good closed alpha release of the PeopleAggregator platform. We will have a public release coming up in the next few months and the entire team is excited for the same.

Upcoming Beta release of GoingOn: We got some very good feedback on the GoingOn alpha release and that has helped us immensely with planning for the Beta. We are very near doing the Beta 1 release of the product at the real domain. There are a few more things happening in the next few days there – more thoughts on this later, in another post.

Opening for Technical Architects and Senior Engineers: Manish tells me that we have requirements for senior people who are “hands on” to help us in the existing and new projects. Preference will be given to people experienced in building highly scalable systems using LAMP (PHP, MySql) and / or Microsoft platforms (.NET, C#, ASP.NET). If you are the one who is looking to join an exciting new business where you can make impact and, potentially, change the way online businesses happen – get in touch and I will provide more information and / or put you in touch with the right person for the same. I have got some good resumes from people, particularly fresh graduates, through my blog. Keep that coming too – I make sure that I go through each one of them and forward the ones, I think might be good matches, to our Hiring Department. We need to get started on it soon – the sooner you join, more are the benefits :-)

I wonder how high will the property prices go in Gurgaon: This warrants an independent post, that I will do in the next few days, but I am just wondering how high will the property prices go in Gurgaon. And how do people afford to buy houses here – I have already revised my budget twice and think that I need to do it one more time before I can even start liking any place.

Biking time is here: Now that winters are over and the weather isn’t changing much that frequently, it’s time that I start driving my motor-bike again. It’s been more than a couple of months when I was regular with my bike.

Noticed the ‘Profile Views’ feature in Orkut: I logged in to my Orkut account a few days back and noticed that they added the ‘Profile Views’ feature, which shows the last 5 visitors to one’s account. Now, I have had this discussion with my clients a few times before also – that it makes sense to give an option to turn this feature off to the users. I think it’s too creepy to let people find out that I visited their profile. I am not in the favor of automatic recording of my views in others’ profile – at least there should be an option to mark it as ‘anonymous visit’. For a social networking site like LinkedIn, it will make sense but for a general purpose site like Orkut, there has to be an option.

Anyways – I gotta go back to work but I will write a few more posts this week.

5 thoughts on “so long and still busy…

  1. i really love reading your blogs…i am a fan of yours and dream to be an entrepreneur..i dream of a company of my own.Was upset for past few days not seeing a recent one on your page.finally i got a writeup.

  2. Jatin, I have a old bike – from when I first started to work – a silver colored Suzuki Fiero.

    Kiran, thanks for the kind words!

    Paavani – I had seen that link once before.

    Namit – dude, I saw that you scrapped at my Orkut profile and asked for my email. I sent you a message there.

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