Off to Agra

I feel guilty – guilty for not being able to update my blog for the last 1 week. But the past week has been really crazy with the deadline of a couple of our projects just round the corner. And I also have a friend from Microsoft in the city who was in India for attending a marriage – and I get to play the role of a tour guide. And I am off to Agra tomorrow early morning at 6 only to come back on Sunday in the afternoon. Haven’t seen Taj Mahal ever – looking forward to it. I, though, have a feeling that I will not like it very much – monuments never excite me that much.

I have so many ideas to blog about – got to do that all in the next week. Thank you for the patience – few of the people who read my blogs religiously have already mentioned this to me over the phone. Let me re-iterate here — I am going to do some good posts next week to make up for not being active this week.

And, of course, we are moving to our new office in the coming week – can’t wait now. :-)

One thought on “Off to Agra

  1. thank god! you have posted something after a very long time. i like to visit to your blog atleast 2 times a day mostly. hoping for something great in the next week on your blog…

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